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  1. Hi Chris, I have the enterprise server but i don't see any enterprise admin? All i see is the PC monitor manager 4.7 and that's all. I'm pretty sure I have the enterprise server as i go to that server for the IT dashboard and all the servers that I manager are configured to use that dedicated internal server for PC monitor. So is the enterprise admin tool just a tool installed on the enterprise server or can i install it on my desktop and point it to the enterprise server to pull the config down?
  2. Been searching everywhere trying to figure out how the email notification feature works in PC monitor but I'm getting nothing. There are alot of info on how to set it up but no info how the actual email engine works? The reason I ask is because we've recently migrated our email server. I originally thought that PC monitor emails the mail server based on the MX record it gets when it polls the domain name of the email address that we specify (e.g. notification@domain.com) from the DNS server so we've update or internal MX record to point to the new exchange server and configured it as a whitelist on our receive connector but we are still not getting any email alerts. It was working before we migrated to the new email server. There is no setting in PC monitor that allows us to specify an SMTP server and again, no documentation on what PC monitor uses to send email notification. Please advise us. Thank you.
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