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  1. How do you guys go about debugging your more complicated client plugins? Do you load and unload them constantly between builds / tests? Anyways, today I got tired of doing that (I have PW installed on a remote virtual machine so that increased the pain a bit), so I built a basic program that emulates the Pulseway interface (I specifically utilized the PW iOS interface as that is what I had available to me) and loads DLLs quickly. I then just made my class library project (i.e. my plugin project) start an external program (the PW Emulator) after building and passes the path to the dll as a parameter. I'm not quite done with it (only a few hours of work on it), so it doesn't have support for any of the InputItems quite yet, but it does support most everything else including CommandItems and PageItems. It can even navigate through pages. It also makes a call to DataCheck every 15 seconds on the loaded plugin and properly calls PluginLoaded and PluginUnloaded. I still plan on taking some time to include the rest of the features (I hope to implement Trace into my emulators event log as well as support for many of the other features / calls that plugins have access to). Would anyone here find this beneficial to their development? Is there an easier way (have I been reinventing the wheel)? Let me know what your thoughts are. I've included a few screenshots of the program so that you can get a better idea of how it looks and what it does. -Xander
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