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  1. So, I'm aware that generally the resolution is the resolution of the actual monitor, but I hit a new issue: I no longer have a monitor attached to a PC I'm connecting to, and hence, it's defaulting to the Basic Video Adapter at 800x600. For normal RDP, the resolution is set by the client connecting to the machine, but that's not an option with Pulseway Remote. Is anyone else using this software with a no-monitor setup and how can I increase the resolution to a functional size?
  2. I definitely understand why it wouldn't be a priority. Though if I recall from experience, it can use SQL Express Edition, which is free, and Windows Server Essentials (at $400 one-time fee) or a standard Windows desktop install even should provide the components needed to host the server. Public addresses, SSL certs, and DNS records are all things tech enthusiasts can accomplish with a mediocre investment. But again, I understand. I just wanted to state I would love to have it.
  3. So, I have been doing a big de-clouding of my life, largely for privacy reasons. I have used Enterprise Server at work, and it's a great product. I would love to use it to monitor three to five machines at home, but obviously it's priced well outside the zone for that. I am really looking for more products which allow private server options at an affordable rate for small use. Since I started using PC Monitor/Pulseway for home use, I've always been a free user. The paid versions simply don't offer anything compelling. A reasonable price to run the software without relying on a cloud service though, would easily earn my money.
  4. This would be a good feature for both Linux and Windows command line stuff. For Windows, I use scheduled tasks without a schedule, so I can trigger them from the Scheduled Tasks component of PC Monitor. But this is an awkward way to do it.
  5. I'm not sure if this is able to be done, but a WSUS module would be awesome. Something that would let us sync up the servers and approve updates. Combined with the existing ability to install updates from PC Monitor, that entire part of my job would be able to be done from a phone.
  6. My boss, who is basically our Linux guy, considers anything not available in RPM to be a beta. I think my company would like to add their support for this request. =)
  7. Downtime/uptime statistics is one of the things our current monitoring solutions has that our manager says is a requirement. Ideally we'd want the ability to have uptime statistics for both overall and specific groups of servers.
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