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  1. This is a but strange. If I put it directly directly into registry bothe the english title and the danísh translation is working, when looking at performance counters in the mobile app. but if I try to change the english title in the pulseway manager it cannot look up the categories. Br, Martin.
  2. Hi. I have a problem with moving performance counters between servers with different Windows Languange Pack. The problem is that many of the build in Performance Counters are localized by Microsoft, so they cannot be found. Tragic But True Here is a few examples: en-US : \LogicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length da-DK : \Logisk disk(*)\Gennemsnitslængde af diskkø en-US : \Paging File(*)\% Usage da-DK : \Sidefil(*)\% anvendelse I have found a webpage describing how to substitude the strings with IDs. http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2013/07/19/querying-performance-counters-from-powershell/ Perhaps you could look into something like that in the future? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  3. Ok, thank you Chris. Please consider changing this behaviour in feature versions. Br, Martin.
  4. Hi. When running Dashboard as an ordinary user, it asks for the password of an administrator. Are there anyway we can let the dashboard be executed as a normal user, so we don't have to leave an unattended computer been loged in as administrator? Br, Martin
  5. It would also be nice if we could look up a computer via the AD module, see the bitlocker key, and forward it by SMS. Br, Martin.
  6. Hi, I have earlier suggested a generic WMI-module, very similar to the Performace Counter module. That would be nice. Br, Martin.
  7. Hi. Here is the script to install updates. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa387102(v=vs.85).aspx It is possible to update the script with you own logic and policies. You could also look at https://www.wuinstall.com/ Br, Martin.
  8. I would like to see it as a build in function, but for now we have set up a scheduled task, with this script: ______________ @echo off set log=MonitorRRAS.txt set level=0 pushd "%~dp0" echo RemoteAccess Health State on '%computername%' >"%log%" powershell -Command "get-remoteaccesshealth" >>"%log%" find /i "warning" "%log%" >nul if "%errorlevel%"=="0" set level=2 find /i "error" "%log%" >nul if "%errorlevel%"=="0" set level=3 if "%level%"=="0" goto skip notificationbridge.exe -p %level% -f "%log%" :skip popd
  9. Hi, We would like to be explicit notified when a server has been unexpected shutdown. We have created an Event Log Filter Event Logs: System Level: Error Event IDs: 6008 Sources: EventLog But we never get notified because the agent is not running that early at system startup. Could it be possible for the agent to scan eventlog then it is started for the event since it has been stopped, unless it was in maintenance mode? Another option could be to add an "Send a notification when the computer has booted from an unexpected shutdown". Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  10. Hi. I know that as RRAS module has been discussed earlier in this forum. But it would be really nice with a simple module to start with, og som ideas on how to set some monitoring up today. We have found the PowerShell Cmdlet "Get-RemoteAccessHealth" that returns the status for alle components. We would like to raise a notification if the HealtState on any components is different from Disabled or OK. Anny ideas? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved PS C:\> Get-RemoteAccessHealth Component RemoteAccessServer HealthState TimeStamp Id OperationStatus --------- ------------------ ----------- --------- -- --------------- Server localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:06:37 6to4 localhost Disabled 17-11-2015 08:01:41 Vpn Addressing localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:41 Network Security localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:41 Dns localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:06:37 IP-Https localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:41 Nat64 localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:38 Dns64 localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:37 IPsec localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Kerberos localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Domain Controller localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:54 Management Servers localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:06:37 Network Location ... localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:06:37 Otp localhost Disabled 17-11-2015 08:01:37 High Availability localhost Disabled 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Isatap localhost Disabled 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Vpn Connectivity localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Teredo localhost Disabled 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Network Adapters localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:01:37 Services localhost OK 17-11-2015 08:06:37
  11. You could also add a plus-list under the scheduled maintenance window, where we could select what notification what should be allowed under maintenance mode. I think that might be the most simple way to do it. Eg. - Event log filter: "<userdefined>" - Service state: "<userdefined>" - Free disk space - SNMP: "<userdefined>" Br, Martin
  12. +1 Meanwhile we are managing our Synology box via SNMP from a Windows agent. Br, Martin
  13. Hi Ant. We are doing patch management via normal Windows Updates on clients, and via scripts in Scheduled Tasks on server. It is working great, we are not notified of missing updates. Pulseway can notify when a critical update is missing, but we would like to put a threshold on it, first notify after X days. So we have made this feature request: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1443-windows-updates-can-we-ignore-the-last-x-days/ You can give it a +1 if you like the idea. Br, Martin.
  14. It sounds pretty manually to turn of notifications on phone every night, and clearing notifications in the morning .... every day. It is like we do now. Br, Martin.
  15. Hi. We have the idea, that it would be great if you could define two separate configurations sets for a server. The second set could be a transparent version of the real configuration set, but with possibility to disable every notification fine grained. Then it should be possible to set up a week schedule for when to use each configuration set, like "service hours" and "off-service hours". Perhaps also an option to "postpone notifications durring off-service hours" to first let them be send, when entering service hours again. Today most of our servers is not services 24/7, and we get a lot of performance notifications durring night, related to backup (like, cpu, memory and disk i/o). We have thought about setting servers in maintenance mode for nights and weekends, but we are afraid of missing backup errors (that we monitors through eventlog monitoring). Do you have any thoughts about this. How is everyone else handling this? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  16. Now the HTML5 web application is released, we look forwards for the user-defined reports. Br, Martin.
  17. Hi Chris, But what if you do it while it is offline. Will it then "deconfigure" when it comes online? or will it just recreate the device? Br, Martin.
  18. Hi. It would be nice if we can tell pulseway to remove/uninstall the agent, when we remove it from the "my account" page. Br, Martin.
  19. Also look here, at an older feature request! http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/1058-maintenance-mode/ Br, Martin.
  20. Hi. My response was a bit short, because I wrote from the phone :-) But is it possible to get notifications when a managed schedule task fails? Best Regards, Martin Stevnhoved
  21. Have you found the bug? We are still getting 30-minutes alerts for BACKUP queries. Br, Martin
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