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  1. Just lately we have been seeing a lot of repeated Account Locked notifications. The really strange thing is that very often this is for accounts that are already disabled or expired (the Guest account is a very good example). I'd like to suggest that the Account lock notification checks and filters out notifications that are on Expired and/or Disabled Accounts... ( perhaps this could be an optional (check box style) feature.. ) ( Quite why / how Windows is locking disabled accounts is another issue entirely... ) Cheers
  2. Hi, We have a number of cases where being able to monitor a directory for the number of files and alerting if over certain thresholds would be very very useful... Extensions on this basic idea could include: a) number of files matching an reg expression filter setting the polling interval (x minutes, or hours) c) set a 'low' threshold, and 'elevated' threshold, and a 'critical' threshold e) set actions against thresholds f) monitor multiple directories each with their own criteria If anyone know how this could be done with the existing Pulseway agent.. please let me know (and I'm not a programmer so rolling my own isn't really an option I'm afraid..) Regards Matt
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