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  1. I have Win8.1 x64 & Windows Server 2012 R2, and am viewing it from an Android 4.1.2 phone - for both systems, it looks like a windows product key, but it's not what I used when installing
  2. Hi - (I'm using the latest 4.1.2 agent, on Win8.1 x64, and viewing on Android client) I've just noticed the "Asset Info" section has a "Product Key" entry - is this meant to be my Windows Product Key ? (if it is, it's got it wrong) -Tom
  3. Hi Marius - Can you explain it in simpler terms please ? if I can "see" the program listed in control panel, and can uninstall it from there, why cant the PC Monitor Service uninstall it?
  4. Hi - I'm using the 3.6 Android client, to monitor Windows 8 x64 Pcs which are running the 3.6 PC Client (On my phone), when I go into PC Monitor > Installed Applications, several of my applications are not uninstallable - they show as dimmed-out for example: Adobe AIR & Adobe Flash are not uninstallable, but Adobe Reader (11.0.01), is ok to uninstall Other not uninstallables include: Google Chrome Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center SureThing CD Lableler Various Nvidia Drivers (but Nvidia PhysX, is uninstallable) Realtek Audio Fences 2 Internet Download Manager Java Auto Updater WD Link HP USB Format Tool Is this a bug, or is there a reason why these can't be uninstalled ? -Tom
  5. I can confirm that this is now fixed / v3.1.1 (build 120904)
  6. Thanks for that - I thought I may have had something wrongly set somewhere
  7. Hi - I have 3 Windows machines (2 x Win8 RC, 1 x WSE RC), I have PCMonitor running on each, and also have the PCMonitor Android app on my phone All computers TimeZone settings are set to UK / (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, My Phone says it's on GMT+1 British Summer Time All show the correct date & time of day. This morning, I ran WindowsUpdate Check for Updates on each machine (and also from the phone) But when I compare the WindowsUpdate Last Checked Time, on each machine, versus the Last Checked Time reported by PcMonitor on my Phone, the times seem to be roughly -(minus) 5 hours off ... e.g. pc shows: Today @ 07:18, phone shows: 31 Aug @ 02:17 and similarly (give or take a few minutes), for my other machines
  8. Hmmm - overwriting the old / dead entry seems (to me), to be a logical thing to do - could you elaborate on why this isn't possible ?
  9. Hi - currently, if a pc's OS is trashed & the OS is re-installed (same hardware, same pc name), re-adding it to PC monitor does not overwrite the "dead" entry of the previous installation - is this something that could this be implemented at some stage please ?
  10. Hi - is it possible to show why a pc is not online ? eg offline(hibernated), offline(suspended) etc ?
  11. Hi - I think it would be nice, if a dual-boot computer only counted as 1 licence
  12. the restore downgraded me to 2.5 and the problem was fixed - I'm now up to 2.7.1 and the fan problem has not happened again so I don't think the fan problem was related to pcm - just an unfortunate coincidence that it happened at the same time I updated pcm
  13. Strange - on my other pc (also Win7x64), it was the dashboard that wouldn't start (the monitor started ok) So I uninstalled both monitor & dashboard, deleted the \pc monitor folder, hacked the registry and deleted all MMSOFT & PC Monitor keys, ran a (Norton360) registry cleanup, then re-downloaded & reinstalled both monitor & dashboard I then had to delete the 2 "old" pcs from my account, but it's all working ok now ps. also noticed that although the download links say version 2.7, after installing, it's actually 2.7.1
  14. tried everything I could think of, but couldn't get the fans to alter speed - eventually resorted to restoring from backup which fixed it
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