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  1. I wrote a plugin that had 0 errors but when deployed it caused the web interface to not show, so I was wondering if there was anything you disallow in the .NET plugin? Could I write a file or folder watcher for example? Could I do a security wipe and format a non system drive? You get the idea...
  2. Weird but what I mean is. Could we have an option to automatically approve and force updates of a certain nature, like critical updates (mainly windows I guess). Most updates I want to approve and now I see I can even hide updates (awesome!), however critical updates should just be applied, no need for me to login and do it. Is this possible for future?
  3. Tx, I did see it there, and have started using it.
  4. How does the Monitor keep track of individual users so that I can clean the one pc and reinstall the monitor please? I'm sitting with 1 PC unmonitored because your software thinks it's someone else. Surely PC's are unique when the monitor reports back to "the mother ship"
  5. I have a number of pc's under my care and they have mostly the same hardware. Due to a recent problem I re-installed 2 pc's. I setup the one, cloned it and then applied the clone to the other. My problem is this: The cloned pc shows up as the first user. ie; If Heather starts her pc first her system shows in the systems manager. However if Maxene boots first her machine shows in the systems manager, but never the two separate. They're two different machines but show as one. I did uninstall PC Monitor and re-install but it still see's it as one. Names in the PC Monitor config are configured differently BTW. Feature: I could save money and buy one license and install it on two desktops, They would need to be desktops owned by me but where only one is on at a time. ie: I own 2 and use one at work and another at home. (You lose money though) Bug: I can't clone machines with PC Monitor installed as it will always show as one user. Verdict? How do I "clean" the one pc so it shows individually?
  6. Okay, its not really working for me. It works for a few days then stops and I have to manually start the service. I have to run the repair tool every time to get it to work for a few days but then back to bad habits.
  7. Something that other apps have on you at this point is a central storage cache. MS Intune comes with 20gb storage for software you may need. Like for printer drivers or apps commonly used by users. Don't worry not going over to MS Intune. Maybe build your file management feature with this in mind. Just another idea and something I'm struggling with at the moment, currently using scripts and stuff. You could even sell it as an addon to your current saas.
  8. I ran the repair tool and this issue seems to be fixed for me. Tx. Although I see also that the monitor has been updated to 4.0.5 from 4.0.4 so it could be either.
  9. I am also having this problem. Hope we can resolve it soon. See attached.pcmonitorfault.txt
  10. First of all great product, tx. I plan to develop some plugins for the community, things that I use a lot and could be useful so this feature request could go either way... Option 1: an API to design custom reports Option 2: an audit report This report needs to have the following information to be worthwhile * Computer Make * Computer Model * Computer Serial number * Computer Mac * IP address * Domain * Computer OS * OS key (Windows) Additional fields should include the group it's in and the computer users name - I normally put this in the Computer Name field. I know there are hardware reports but they cover one piece of hardware across the entire group. We need all the pieces across the group. Shouldn't be too difficult to do. Tx
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