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Reports by Group


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The report feature is very useful, but it would be more useful (at least for me) if it could be broken up by group. Ideally, I would like to be able to run the report only on computers in a certain group i.e. run installed software report on the "Web Servers" group. Less ideal, but still usable, would be to sort the software report by group and computer instead of by software. I understand the usefulness of doing it the current way for licensing, etc.


Maybe there is a way to do this right now that I am missing. If there is please let me know.


Thank you for your consideration.



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  • Staff

Hi Martin,

You can export the report as a PDF and send it to your email address just for a subset of groups from the mobile apps. We are currently working on a better reporting engine which will provide you with a greater flexibility on the report scope.


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Hi Michael,

This isn't implemented yet in the HTML Web Application but we are very close to releasing the Advanced Reporting and Automation features and both will use a new system grouping mechanism: System Scopes which you will be able to use them when you generate reports.


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