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Feature request: integrate with Domotz (PSA and RMM)


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I have recently assisted another MSP in some area's.  They had Domotz for Network monitoring (which by the way does monitor multi layered/segmented networks with just one agent) and their PSA had full integration with Domotz.  Meaning all alerts created by Domotz, became alerts/tickets in the Helpdesk.  And when something got resolved on Domotz, the ticket became resolved automaticly.  That makes big difference in monitoring (next to the fact: multi-segmented/vlans monitoring with one Agent...).

I would love for Pulseway (PSA and RMM) to integrate with Domotz.  Also a MSP oriented vendor, great tool and (for the last time->) a real network monitor as it monitors multi segmented networks with one agent (and it runs on a Synology and 14 other platforms).  And many other RMM/PSA already have integration (including Kaseya...).  So why not Pulseway?

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