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Bug with Workflows that call Powershell Script


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So, I have been using the workflow automation to much sucess.

I have one activating script upon logon. It used to work wonderfully even though every time it ran it reported "Failed" in workflow status. 

It seems that my PowerShell scripts hang up the workflow. These two scripts write back to custom variables on each machine when they run. 

I just tested and it does not seem to matter whether the custom variable code snippet is in the script or not. 

It is not possible to successfully run a workflow with any steps after a PowerShell script currently. 


Does anyone have any way to fix this, I tried adding "exit" at the end and that didn't help.
I'm also going to contact support and see what they say. 




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After working with support we found out what the issue was!

The "Delete Notification" required waiting on the web app to run that, and the workflow got out of step and failed.

Fixed this by moving "Delete Notification" to the end of the workflow. Multiple scripts run with Custom fields and variables no problem!

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