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Active Directory Discovery and Deployment

Jamie Taylor

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You can now discover computers from Active Directory through the Discovery & Deployment probes if they are a domain member. Additionally, you can now deploy the Pulseway Windows Agent through Group Policy Objects for all domain-joined computers or for just a selection of Organizational Units.

This will automatically enrol newly added computers in Active Directory to Pulseway and place them in the correct Agent Group which in turn will apply the endpoint monitoring policies, optionally install an antivirus product, and start managing operating system and 3rd party patches too.


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I have 2 computers in a test OU where AD discovery is pointed to. Auto discovery finds only one? GPO rule for that OU is created but agent is not auto-deployed. 

Unfortunately, you haven’t provided enough info how AD discovery and GPO Auto deployment works. When using AD discovery, does Probe recognize all systems in OU or only the ones without Agent? Will a system disappear from  a discovery list once Pulseway is auto deployed by GPO?

I would really appreciate more info in this

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