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Fresh MS Server 2019 - unable to Authenticate

Tim Hall

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After receiving a verification on my phone I get this nasty gram.


So far:

.Net 4.0 install was blocked because a later version was already installed. So I don't think it is a .net version issue.

Any help would be appreciated.



6-24-2021 10-36-13 AM.jpg

I blocked out the server name to keep it annonymous

I blocked out the server name to keep it anonymous. Also, please ignore the localhost:8443 page. It is irrelevant as far as I know.

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Hey @Tim Hall,

The error indicates a problem with the server. On the server side, open the Pulseway Admin (if there are any errors upon starting please post a screenshot here) and then go to the Server Settings and enable logging. Try to register the system again and after the error message shows up send us the server logs from the c:\logs folder (archive the folder as there will be more than one file) to the email address: support@pulseway.com.


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