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Greetings (again) ... PC Monitor is one heck of an Application ... well done.

Your Roadmap looks impressive. Does it have a "side street" for;

1. File Management: Delete Files/Folders with multi-file select capability?

2. View files: (.txt, .ini, .xml, maybe .pdf, etc.)? Maybe .jpg, .png, .bmp too.

3. Start/Close an Application (from an approved list for PC Monitor)?

4. Ability to have a selected file attached and emailed from a monitored PC?

I am quite curious where PC Monitor is headed regarding file and Application level actions for monitored PCs.

Thank you.

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1. delete looks unlikely at the moment

2. we plan to support downloading the files to device, depending of file type we might open them with other apps on the device (for pdf, doc) or view the files inside PC Monitor (txt, ini, images)

3. you can do this now by defining tasks that start apps

4. this is already supported - enable file browsing in PC Monitor and set up the email address.

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I am looking at making available delete files/directories using the Plugin PoweroftheShell (http://pulseway.com/downloads.php)

You may like to see my list of scripts released in v1 (http://workanywhere.dk/Download/ps1.pdf). v2 is on its way probably for this week-end, which takes the list of extra features for PCM to 110. v3 will be avlaiable once v3 of PCM api is available, which allows for user input. So in theory, my script could prompt you and ask which directory and contents do you want to delete, you enter then name and the script will delete it (no going back!!!)

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