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  1. --- Thanks (as always) for the quick response and help. I have "fixed" the problem with your tip. My two devices (iPhone & iPad) were properly authorized in PCMonitor. But on a hunch (read: couldn't think of anything else) I went through each PC and revoked - then re-authorized each device - that did the trick, and they are all accepting the commands once again. --- I can't explain it ... but it works. Thanks!
  2. Greetings. As the topic states 2 of my 3 monitored XP PCs will no longer Restart or Shutdown (LAN or WAN). Wake works just fine. Running the latest PC Monitor (3.03) Restart and Shutdown are "checked" ... any ideas? Thank you. Jim ps. the 3rd PC does not have any of these problems ... even more odd.
  3. Special greetings. Have you considered, and is it possible for the PC Monitor App (ie. iPhone) to issue a WoL, or Shutdown command on a user determined and managed schedule? In another life I supported business offices that would have benefited from such a capability ... thank you.
  4. Greetings (again) ... PC Monitor is one heck of an Application ... well done. Your Roadmap looks impressive. Does it have a "side street" for; 1. File Management: Delete Files/Folders with multi-file select capability? 2. View files: (.txt, .ini, .xml, maybe .pdf, etc.)? Maybe .jpg, .png, .bmp too. 3. Start/Close an Application (from an approved list for PC Monitor)? 4. Ability to have a selected file attached and emailed from a monitored PC? I am quite curious where PC Monitor is headed regarding file and Application level actions for monitored PCs. Thank you.
  5. Just in case ... when I first installed the PC Monitor App I did not have the Windows service installed, and I went about trying to "try" and modify some of the App's settings. Maybe this "jumped the gun" and never re-configured properly. Again, thanks.
  6. Greetings Dublin from Arkansas, USA. Spot on! Deleting and reinstalling the iPhone App worked perfectly ... thank you.
  7. I just installed PC Monitor on a Windows XP SP3 PC (nothing special about it - fully up to date). All I get is "unknown connection error" when trying to access it using iPhone 3Gs. Is there some Port Forwarding I should be doing? There is no Firewall blocking, or AV software. Thanks for any/all help.
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