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Not working on Raspbian Stretch


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I installed Pulseway Agent on my RPI like they said on the Website. I went to the "config.xml" and entered my Username and Password. When I now go back to the Website it just showes "No systems monitored. Download and install the agent on the systems you want to monitor."

I did everything like they said on the Website. I also googled and found out you have to install some SSL stuff, so I typed the command they said on the forum (sudo apt-get install ca-certificate)  and the Console just says, that the Package "CA-Certificate" could not be found.

What did I do wrong?

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Hi @captainwhale,

Please send us(or post here) the entries from the syslog which are related to Pulseway, so we can investigate this issue. In order to get this information please run the following command:

grep -i pulseway /var/log/syslog

Also, have you restarted the Pulseway service after you have installed his library?

systemctl restart pulseway

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