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I made an account to just +1 this feature. As I slowly shift away from using services on Windows to microservices housed in Docker containers that live in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, I really find myself missing the ability for Pulseway to monitor the health of my prior services, start/stop/restart them, etc. 

Especially with WSL2 and containers + container orchestration being the future, it would be amazing to see Pulseway add a module that gives a lot of these features, along with maybe even the option to pull the latest images, see the whole stack, etc.

Unfortunately, since Docker is becoming more and more popular, it is harder to recommend Pulseway in its current form to people. It does so many things well, but the lack of support for Docker can make it a lot less useful if your environment and infrastructure are built around microservices vs services and VMs.

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