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Using variables in scripts

Wannes Vande Wiele

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Recently I've been experimenting a bit using scripts that contain variables that the user should enter.
For example, a very simple one to shutdown a computer after X-amount of time: (example use-case:  I download large files during the night, so it doesn't count towards my ISP data-usage)

@echo off
set /p time=Enter time in seconds:
shutdown /s /t %time%
timeout /t 3 /NOBREAK

however, upon executing said script, the app doesn't request for the variable to be filled out. (I guess it's not made for such uses)
Obviously, i can manually enter the command using CMD, but i don't want to be typing the command every time i need it. (you can call me lazy :p)

Any ideas how to do this correctly?

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You could have multiple versions of the script (Shutdown in an hour, shutdown in a day, etc) until we add support for variables. You could also give a try to this plugin:


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