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Hello, I have two requests. I will try to be as detailed as possible.

1. The help desk is not very intuitive to me. One thing that would help is to change the button where the help desk tickets come in to (Respond) instead of (Add Note). (Add Note) should be a sub menu or tab in the (Respond) menu or separate all together. 

2. Most important request for me is to assign a unique number and password to each request that comes in so that the customer does not need to have an account or be set up in the service desk to view the tickets via a link sent in the original email to the client. 


Customer emails support@domain.com

Customer receives an automated response with a unique number/password and a link to view the ticket/status in the portal.

I have some clients who have a large number of employees 100 + and a large turn over rate. I would have to hire someone just to do data entry for all the new people. This would make it much easier because then you don't have to rely on adding someone to the service desk / account / user  they would be able to see the status of the ticket via the link / unique ticket number / random password without having to have an account.

I hope I explained this clearly?

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Thank you for your suggestion. This sounds like a good idea. I will pass this information to our developers, therefore they will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

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