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Unable to see contracts on ticket entry

John Taylor

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I've been setting up contracts in the system for MSP (recurring), time & materials etc. The setup of the contract seems reasonably straight forward, but they never show up for selection in the ticket entry screen. The drop down in the ticket screen is always empty. 

I've reviewed the docs multiple times and can't see what I've missed. I sent a message to support, but haven't heard back from them. In the meantime, all of my ticket activity is generating lots of billable time entries that it looks like I will have to manually adjust out - it will be a pile of work. 

Any suggestions?

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  • Staff

Hi John,

The recurring time contract will create all the tickets automatically, therefore you will not be able to select this contract for new tickets. But the Time & Material contract should be available for selection if you have selected the correct CRM account.

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