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  1. PSA: Ticket note editor issues

    1. Fixed. Hitting enter now only inserts a single line. 2. Possibly fixed. It hasn't happened yet today, but we're only a hour into the work day. However, the changes have introduced a new problem. The editor now strips out all newlines upon saving. There is no spacing.
  2. PSA: Adding screenshots to ticket note only works sometimes.

    Hi Chris, It is partially working now. You can paste directly into the editor window. "Past as HTML" still does not work, but admittedly, I'm not sure what the difference is. However, the changes broke another part of the editor. It appears I have two tickets open on editor issues. Since this one is specific to the screenshots, I'll post the new information in the other, more general issue.
  3. Does anyone know how we customize the customer facing forms such as quotes/orders/invoices? I've only looked at the quotes thus far, but we do not find the format professional enough to put in front of our clients, and would like to change it.
  4. PSA: Adding screenshots to ticket note only works sometimes.

    Yes, when adding the note. Sometimes it works - most of the time it does not.
  5. Ad-hoc report writer

    HI Chris, I had found the help section, but one needs a place to turn when that proves to be inadequate. It appears you are embedding a product called Exago BI. There are some additional resources on their website, although not enough to solve my problem - which is how to sort on a group aggregate. Simple requirement is a report with two columns: Customer | Total Tickets Getting the basic report was easy enough, but finding a way to sort on the Agg.Count(Ticket.Id) in the group footer is proving difficult. I'm guessing i need to create a sub-report for this. This would be such a simple thing if we could just write our own SQL.
  6. Ad-hoc report writer

    Can someone advise which reporting product is embedded into the PSA? The documentation on it from Pulseway is weak, so we'd like to find other sources of help. Knowing what the product is would help a great deal.
  7. PSA: Ticket note editor issues

    Hi, A couple of minor, but annoying bugs within the ticket editor that we'd like to bring to your attention: When you hit Enter for a new line, it seems to insert two lines. Hitting backspace to correct this removes a line, but also indents the cursor one character to the right. Also, hitting Enter for a newline seems to occasionally change the formatting so that the text gets a light gray background.
  8. Hi, We've noticed that being able to add a screenshot to a ticket note via the "Paste as HTML" option is really hit and miss (more miss!). Their doesn't appear to be any rhyme nor reason to when it will work and when it won't. We're running PSA in Chrome mostly, but have observed the same problem in Mozilla. Is anyone else seeing similar problems?
  9. Unable to see contracts on ticket entry

    Finally have this resolved thanks to tech support. The contract needs to be activated after being created. Perfectly clear if previously understood.
  10. Email sent to point of contact when agent creates ticket

    Thanks Chris. Indeed it was in the workflow. By default, creating a ticket notifies the site contact. Thanks for your help.
  11. We're new to the PSA, and starting to get complaints from clients about the number of emails which are sent in the default configuration. We're trying to dial back the notifications and finding it quite challenging. One example is the creation of a new ticket by an agent. It would make sense that if we assign a contact in the ticket then we probably want them notified via email upon ticket creation. However, sometimes we do not want them notified. Maybe we're doing some housekeeping internally. Again, we assumed that if the contact was left blank, no email would go out to the client. Wrong! It quietly looks up the site contact and sends it to them. How do you create a ticket that does not generate an email to the site contact?
  12. Save & Close Feature

    This should actually be the default. I've yet to find a reason that I want to remain on the same record after saving my changes. I always want to go back to the list because I'm finished with the record and need to move on to the next one.
  13. Unable to see contracts on ticket entry

    I've been setting up contracts in the system for MSP (recurring), time & materials etc. The setup of the contract seems reasonably straight forward, but they never show up for selection in the ticket entry screen. The drop down in the ticket screen is always empty. I've reviewed the docs multiple times and can't see what I've missed. I sent a message to support, but haven't heard back from them. In the meantime, all of my ticket activity is generating lots of billable time entries that it looks like I will have to manually adjust out - it will be a pile of work. Any suggestions?
  14. PSA: Duplicate email notifications

    Thanks Paul. That is exactly what it was. I turned off the one in the parser as it seems more useful to have all notifications located in one place (workflows).
  15. PSA: Duplicate email notifications

    When a new ticket is opened via email, the sender receives two confirmation emails. They are duplicates.