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Add performance counters when using the Dashboard


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Hi Guys,


Not sure if this has been requested before so apologies in advance if it has. I had a customer with a slow PC and wanted to add the Disk Queue Length performance counter to see if that was causing the slowness however didn't want to have to log into her machine. Normally I would go via the Dashboard -> Edit Computer Settings and make whatever changes were necessary. However Performance Counters can't seem to be added this way as there is no Add button:



Is this a bug or missing feature? If it's missing, it would be handy to have as you can pretty much do everything else from here and it's not always convenient having to log into the users machine


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Hi there,

Unfortunately performance counter names are localized to the OS locale and they don't really have any unique identifier. Also reading all performance counters just to display the list on the dashboard is going to take a very long time however it's something that we are going to be supporting in the future when we will be introducing web based configuration for the agents :lol:.


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