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Please tell me your Pulseway experience


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I use Pulseway Professional for our own computers. Now I think to change to the MSP Edition and offer the RMM service to some of our customers. I want to ask the people here to share some Pulseway expieriences/impressions with me, to be sure to don't miss anything when making this decission.

I really like pulseway, but I know for example that the monitoring of RAID or simple HDD/SSD is not that easy...

Thanks for every useful post.


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I started trying Pulseway and really liked it at first. After a while a number of issues popped up that make it unsuitable for my company.

  • No customizable graphs, so you cannot easily look in the past. I've mentioned this on the forum but someone has yet to reply.
  • No LDAP authentication which is really a showstopper for me. I hate having to create accounts everywhere. Does not make for good security.
  • No SNMP agent for linux which was promised by Marius 2 years ago. I want to use the RasPI as monitor for switches, routers and printers.
  • No self hosted PSA. I like standardization so everything saas or everything on-premise.

All in all it's a very nice product and has got huge potential but I think it still needs some work.

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On 13.2.2017 at 6:56 PM, cjs1976 said:

@ComputerConsuling: Thank you, I am also testing Labtech, but it seems to be a huge and confusing thing.

Beware: I also tested Labtech last year. It is very powerful but not very comfortable. Labtech was my favorite of all tested systems, I really liked their approach with templates, rules, etc. For a software developer and senior system engineer, the UI does not really matter. But our support staff needs an easy to understand UI and the mobile apps.

Pulseway ist much simpler. If you just want to monitor some basics, it is an easy to use system that works out of the box. If you want to do something more, you have to use the SNMP extension (which is horrible at the moment).

If you install it on a non-english Windows Server, you get many type conversion errors when Labtech communicates with the underlying database (for example if you have a comma as decimal separator). After some research I've seen that they use string concatenation to build SQL statements. This leads to a high risk of SQL injection attacks. That was the biggest possible showstopper for me.

So I decided to use Pulseway instead of Labtech an developed a plugin to circumvent bottlenecks of Pulseway.

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