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  1. Hi, I would like more option for the automatic maintenance mode. At the moment there are only weekdays and hours. It would be cool to: 1. Be able to mark faster and not only field by field. 2. Be able to not only have hours. 3. Have the possiblity to use official hollidays and hollidays for the customer himself (one time from till like in Outlook). 4. Exeptions for the maintenance mode. For example: one hour after the office closes, the computer makes a backup, and a shutdown after the backup. I go on maintenance mode when the comany closes, because I don't know how long the backup task will need. I don't want the information if the computer goes down, but I need information from backup errors, antivirus and so on. Thanks, Christian.
  2. Hi Paul, thank you. I will try this, if the delayed start doesn't work. Thanks, Christian.
  3. hi pablohoney, thank you for this information. I read also the linked contents. I knew allready the possibility of the delayed start, and this is what I did on the machines which have the problem. But this is a strange behavior, and I am not happy to use the delayed start or any other special tuning. I want to install Pulseway and it should work. I belive, that this systems (nearly 10% of the monitored devices) have a problem, and I want to find out what it is, so that I can fix it. Thanks, Christian.
  4. Hi, on a couple of systems the Pulseway Agent doesn’t start automatically. If I look into the services.msc I see that the service should start automatically, but it doesn’t. In the moment when I start the Pulseway Manager, I get an information, and I can start the Pulseway Agent. I am also able to start the agent over the services.msc. Any idea? Thanks, Christian.
  5. Hi, is it possible to use the PowerShell scripts from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/2d191bcd-3308-4edd-9de2-88dff796b0bc (= PSWindowsUpdate) over Pulseway. My idea is to create a new category unter Automation -> Scripts with all the scripts of PSWindowsUpdate, but I have no idea if they would work... Thanks, Christian.
  6. Hi Paul, how is the name of the mentioned script? Thanks, Christian.
  7. Hi Paul, I let it run overnight. And it look like some machines did the update, and some didn't. And the machines which did the update, ignored the optinal updates, because they re still there wen I search manually over Pulseway. I opened allready a ticket with your support, and they told me to use the dugging. We can see that the devices get the command, but than... no idea... I would need to do all updates for a group including reboot. And I need this in the moment when I send the command. Thanks, Christian.
  8. Hi Paul, thank you for this information, I will try it. Maybe you can talk to your developers to push this feature request? Greetings, Christian.
  9. Hi Paul, today Microsoft offerd new updates. I tried again a group update with all features turned on. We have Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 computers in this group. Nothing happens, as usual... If I do it by device, I see at least one critical update. Thanks, Christian.
  10. Hi, I have some troubles with the Windows Update from Pulseway. If I start the update over a group optional updates are ignored and not all updates are shown. If I start the update per machine, than I am able to install the optional updates, but not all updates are shown. I tried over the Powershell with PSWindowsUpdates and the Windows Update Minitool, and they show the missing updates (see screenshot). It would be cool if you could offer the updates in the official Microsoft Windows Update Categories (e.g.https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/dubaisec/2016/01/28/windows-update-categories/), and if they would work for a group and a single device, And it would also be cool to have more managemt options for updates, like the two mentioned tools. Thanks, Christian.
  11. Hi Paul, sorry for the delay, I completely forgot this task... The idea is a cleanup. Not everyone needs all of the offered server options. The idea was to give the chance to choose which server options (e.g. Eset, Storagecraft...) I want to see in the config menue of my Pulseway Manager. Thanks, Christian.
  12. Hi Paul, I know that you plan to offer a backup solution like you offer an antivirus solution over Kaspersky. I also asked your support to take a look at the Acronis Cloud, I don't know if they did. Later it came in my mind, that it is not so easy for us to choose a backup solution beause of the new data protection law from the European Union. We are Acronis Partner, and we use allready the Acronis Cloud for our MSP customers, and everything runs over a german datacenter. So there is no problem. We are worried to run into problems because of Pulseway itself and the antivirus solution. At the moment I try to find out how the new data protection law is affecting this, and which options we have... We are also allready in touch with your new partner in Austria, this could be a cool solution for this problem... BUT: my request was something like you have allready for Storagecraft. You have the option to watch at a Storagecraft agent, so I thought, it would be possible to also watch on an Acronis agent. Thanks, Christian.
  13. Hi Paul, the idea is, that the user should have te option to open a chat or send a mail. Thanks, Christian. P.S. We don't use Zendesk, Pulseway PSA or Autodesk.
  14. Hi Paul, if I manually activate the modules, can I configure them whithout loosing the configuration through the policy I set for this client??? It would be great, if you could push the development of the antivirus addon. The times are really bad, and it would be cool to have the best protection with all the features. Question: what do you use from Kaspersky? The cloud version, or do you have your own KSC? Thanks, Christian.
  15. Hi, I am waiting desperately for some features menationed in your roadmap: It would be cool, if you could give more information in the roadmap. Especially a kind of timeline/timeframe, so that we have an idea when you plan to offer the new feature(s). If you need beta testers, I can offer a couple of computers... Thanks, Christian.
  16. Hi, it seems that you use a special edition from the Kaspersky Endpoint Security, and I have to say it seems to run great. But as a Kaspersky reseller, I know that the product has more features (e.g. firewall, device control...), and it looks like they would be available over the Pulseway license, but they are not installed automatically. And if I activate them manually (which would be a lot of work on every customer device) then I can't manage them over the Pulseway apps. And the programm version is also behind the actual release of Kaspersky. When we would have this two features and the support of the language of the operating system (e.g. German instead of English), we could give up our Kaspersky Cloud Account, because Pulseway would do a better work. Thanks, Christian.
  17. Hi, we use Acronis Backup. The normal version and the cloud version, which fits perfect to our MSP program. It would be cool, if we could monitor the agents directly over Pulseway. Thanks, Christian.
  18. Hi Paul, today I found out, that the WebApp has also problems with german special characters äöüÄÖÜß. But I can use them in the Android App, and one created, I can use them also in the WebApp. Thanks, Christian.
  19. Hi, at the moment your antivirus feature is allways installed in English. A lot of our customers prefer their language (e.g German). If there is a proble like a virus, they allways get nervous, and than they see an information in a language where they are not fluent, and it gets worse... I know that Kaspersky offers his products in different languages, so there should be a possiblity to use the lanugage of the operating system. Thanks, Christian.
  20. Hi, at the moment Request Support over the Pulseway Manager only supports a chat feature. The idea is to give the possibility to send an email to the support company, and if possible also with a screenshot feature. So it would be possible to create a ticket in the help desk system, or get a simple email. Not everything needs to be done immediatelly over a chat. Thanks, Christian.
  21. Hi Paul, I have again some questions: 1. With the Windows App I can't use tags? 2. With the WebApp I can't use a minus (e.g. software-agentur)? 3. There seems to be no tag administration where i can add, rename and delete tags? I am still testing... Thanks, Christian.
  22. Hi Paul, I am not sure, if we are talking about the same thing: what does Maintenance Mode mean? Thanks, Christian.
  23. Hi GTDFW, thank you for your help. I am still testing the antivirus solution, but so far I am also happy with it. Is just that I am new to Kaspersky. Greetings, Christian.
  24. Hi, would it be possible, that you give me an example? Thanks, Christian.
  25. Hi, at the moment, if I go through the config, I see allways a lot of Stuff in the Server Modules which I don't need all the time. I think, it would be better, to change this to a variable system, where I can aktivate/deaktivate the Server Modules I want to use (see). And with such a solution, maybe, you could make it like a PlugIn-System, so that the company behind some Server Software can create their own PlugIn whithout telling their secrets. For example. Sometimes I use Altaro VM Backup. I see Windows Server Backup and StorageCraft ShadowProtect, but I have to ignore them and create my own notification over the Event Log filter. With my idea, I don't activate Windows Server Backup and StorageCraft ShadowProtect, so I don't see them. The guys behind Altaro VM Backup created a PlugIn which I can add an activate, and this will be shown in the Server Modules, and so I can monitor it. I hope you understand what my point is. I know it's not urgent, and it's not a must have, but in my opinion it would help to keep the configuration of the agent clean, and would give some developers the possibility to support your monitoring solution without telling secrets of their holy cow. Thanks, Christian.
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