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Windows agent crashed, can't repair, or install, or uninstall


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A few days ago the agent stopped working. When I try to run Pulseway Manager I get an error (see attached PW1), trying to uninstall also gives me an error (see PW2). Trying to install on top of the current software also gives me an error.. 

I am stuck, unable to use or fix the agent.. 

Windows 10 64bit





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If there anything else I can provide to help with the resolution of this problem?

Right now my priority is to be able to uninstall the software. Once it is uninstalled, I will do a fresh install.  

Right now the I get an error msg when I try to uninstall via Windows (see attached jpg). 

Is there some kind of a utility or such that will uninstall the software brute force? 




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9 minutes ago, Paul said:


Try downloading this archive and extract in the Pulseway installation directory then try to start Pulseway Manager again and see if everything works now. There's no need to uninstall only to reinstall it again.


That was simple.  Extracted the zip in the Pulseway dir, overwrite existing files, and voila! Started Pulseway , Started the Service and all is working. THANK YOU!

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