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  1. That was simple. Extracted the zip in the Pulseway dir, overwrite existing files, and voila! Started Pulseway , Started the Service and all is working. THANK YOU!
  2. If there anything else I can provide to help with the resolution of this problem? Right now my priority is to be able to uninstall the software. Once it is uninstalled, I will do a fresh install. Right now the I get an error msg when I try to uninstall via Windows (see attached jpg). Is there some kind of a utility or such that will uninstall the software brute force?
  3. A few days ago the agent stopped working. When I try to run Pulseway Manager I get an error (see attached PW1), trying to uninstall also gives me an error (see PW2). Trying to install on top of the current software also gives me an error.. I am stuck, unable to use or fix the agent.. Windows 10 64bit
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