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New Application has been installed/uninstalled tweak

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Hi,  To avoid unnecessary interruptions would you please tweak the application installed/monitoring as follows:

1. Track a history of application changes: name and date installed/uninstalled.

2. Alert wildcard exclude (ex. Application Name: "Mozilla Firefox*") such that when Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 (x64 en-US) or it latest version are installed and uninstalled no alert is sent.

The history is useful to know what application changes occurred recently and I'm also looking for alerts on non-standard applications.  The later I do want a notification.

Last year an international version of Adobe caused a black screen when logging into the desktop and because of the alert when the client called I was able to resolve the issue right away.  The goal would be to get notifications on applications not in the exclude list and the ability to see all application changes in case one does cause and issue.

Thanks for your attention.

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BUMP: To clarify a bit further.  When tracking of installing and uninstalling application is set it creates a load of alerts for what are, for the most part, expected upgrades of applications such as Browsers, PDF Readers, Flashplayer, Java for example.  I do not need an alert for those but I do need history in case there is an issue and I need to see what changed recently.  However, what I do need an alert for are not so common changes.  So this request is the ability to exclude certain applications from the alert but log only.

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newbie question:

is there meanwhile a way to exclude the "new applications alert" for specific applications like the question above?

for example firefox install the update without admin rights, so when a firefox update is released we get many alerts.

It would also nice for other applications.

Thank you

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Unfortunately this functionality is not supported at this time, however I will put this forward as the feature request, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this functionality into the future release.

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