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  1. Hello, we also want to change "ServicesPipeTimeout" because pulseway send the notification "...service has not started..." after the reboot of a little server. I change the registry value from 90000 to 120000 but after a windows reboot its again 90000. I cant find a sheduled task, autostart entry or gpo that may be set it to 90000 again. Or change the pulseway client this value now? Thank you
  2. 41 is a critial kernal power error that is generated after a windows crash. After a system has not been shutdown correctly. Can pulseway handle events when the generated at boot time?
  3. Hello, we have the same problem. In pulseway it's not possible to select the event level critical. Maybe thats the reason? 41 is a critical error, not a normal error. In Pulseway i can only choose Error, Warning, Information, Audit Success and Audit Failure. Thanks
  4. Hi, a newbie question: is there meanwhile a way to exclude the "new applications alert" for specific applications like the question above? for example firefox install the update without admin rights, so when a firefox update is released we get many alerts. It would also nice for other applications. Thank you
  5. Hello. Why is the PCMonitorClient.dll in the NotificationBridge1.2.zip file? I guess pulseway must be installed on the system and it has a newer PCMonitorClient.dll. Or can i use NotificationBridge without install pulseway? Many thanks
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