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Offline Computer - Monitoring


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i'd like to know if its possible to monitor my remote network where in 1 remote location there are 8 computers (6-8) and only 1 will be online (with internet connection) consistently.

the other 7 computers will not be connected to internet. In one remote location all of the computers (8) are in the same network.

I have 80 plus remote location. i wanted to monitor the PC status of each computer in that remote area.


My infrastructure will be combination of normal pc and vm machine.


Please advise if this one is available.

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  • Staff

You can install the Pulseway Manager on the machine which is connected to the internet. Then the Pulseway Manager can monitor other machines through SNMP if machines support this option. Another option is simply ping the other machines from the Pulseway Manager to check if machines is up and responding.

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