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  1. Hello, I've talked with some people (Shiju D., Jaikumar, Mark W.) from Vembu too and they told me that at this moment these are the only supported API calls for StoreGrid Client: "CreateBackup", "BackupJobList", "GetRestoreList", "RestoreXML", "ReloadBackup", "ReloadRestore", "ReloadAction", "DoReports", "DoRestore", "GetBackupConfigInfo", "GetBackupList", "BackupConfigInfo", "GetClientRestoreTreeList", "GetClientBackupProgress", "GetClientRestoreProgress", "ListClientFullBackups", "ClientDisasterRecovery", "GetLocalBackupList" I have also requested some backup actions to be included in the API but I am not sure if they will be implemented and when. All the server functionality is already supported by my plugin, I'm still integrating it in the PC Monitor API. Also their documentation for the client API is outdated and obsolote. It contains a lot of calls that don't exist anymore. Paul.
  2. All ntbackups generate a event in the system or application events. Try looking it up to get the ids you need then you can set the right filters in PC Monitor.
  3. Hello, This is a limitation of motherboards. They provide various sensor informations that can differ from other revisions. Most nVidia gpu have temperature sensors. Usages can be read using performance counters.
  4. Hello, Thank you for the offer however I have to refuse it. The only way to thank me for my work is by using it. The only problem is that vembu storegrid client's api is very limited. I already requested some new features. You can expect a release in about a week. Thank you for waiting.
  5. Try installing open hardware monitor http://openhardwaremonitor.org/ and see if you get the right temperatures.
  6. I will take a look again over powershell to see what can be done. Maybe a plugin can be done.. Expect some news on this on the following week.
  7. Sadly WMI doesn't cover Action Center, and it's sdk is very invasive. The best way to approach this is by implementing their own api one at a time. It's time and resource consuming job.
  8. It is possible to stop the user from killing the application but only if that speciffic user does not have administrative rights on the local system.
  9. To turn off "The service is running" notification you need to go to PC Monitor Manager -> Notifications tab -> Status subtab -> State group -> untick "Send a notification when the computer is offline (recommend for servers)". Also PC Monitor talks to the servers every 15-20 seconds however keeping a computer 24/7 online without using the mobile application to request data PC Monitor will not use more than 30-50mb a month.
  10. I am sorry about the release delay. You can expect version 1.1 today. Paul. Edit: 1.1 got released, check the first post for the download link. Any feedback is welcomed, feature requests are welcomed too
  11. Hello, You can view more precise informations using this application which Microsoft has provided. If you consider the informations are related to a PC Monitor bug post here the output too. I use PC Monitor on a few machines as well and I never experienced this problem before. Paul.
  12. Open registry editor (regedit.exe) and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MMSOFT DESIGN LTD\PC MONITOR . Delete "PreventChangesPassword" and "PreventChanges" values.
  13. Hello, There are a lot of antiviruses avaiable on the internet, I don't think possible to monitor them all. Now you have two solutions: Wait for the feature. Write a plugin to monitor action centre or your antivirus via their public api. I wish I could have helped you further.
  14. I am currently analising the structure of their API. You can expect a release in two to three weeks. Note: Due to certain circumstances expect that the release date to change. Rest assured a plugin will be released however it may be delayed. Updates 12/01 - Core functionality and structure finished. ListResellers functional core functionality ready. Expected features for first release: Listing events / resellers / clients / servers / backup jobs. Updates 22/01 - Most functionality is finished. Waiting for PC Monitor API 2.0 to be released.
  15. If you have a malfunctioning plugin PC Monitor will only stop loading it and release it from the memory, so any bad plugins cannot stop the functionality of the core application.
  16. Hello, For building plugins you will require a .NET Based compiler (You can download a free one here). As for the custom plugin I think I can help you with an example (but I don't promise you anything) if you can provide more details, do you want to receive a notification if there is any backup that failed? I will take a look over it and let you know. Also please post questions like this on the forum not on this thread, it makes it look like a Mega Support Thread. Paul.
  17. Hello, Here is how I would do it. Create a bool variable to represent the current state. Inside the GetComputerDetails have an If statement to separate the two states (false for only one button, true for no button but simpleItems containing your data). Now when the plugin receives the command you only change the state to true and when GetComputerDetails gets called again you will see your computed fields. You can create all items dynamically inside the GetComputerDetails method that gets called every 5 seconds if a client requests it. This means that you can always provide fresh data and you can add / remove items at will based on your code logic. For a list of supported API features just add the client dll in your visual studio project. Extend any class with ClientPlugin interface, fix your usings in order to recognize the interface and right click ClientPlugin and click 'Go To Declaration' or click the text and press F12. You will see a list of all fields and methods you can call / implement. Paul.
  18. Just modify the xml file and submit to www.pastebin.com with it's contents. I will continue from there. Thank you. Don't forget to post here the link.
  19. Hello Ivan, Thank you for using my plugin! I can tell you that because of PC Monitor's restriction plugins can only send one notification. You can send another one when the first one gets deleted. This is the main reason I disable the submit button after a successful send. This is normal behavior. However in the upcoming version I plan on adding checks to the service and client so that the client will know if he is allowed to send another notification without having to open and close the application. Any faulty changes to the xml will trigger default settings so if you can see your changes that means you modified the xml correctly. Paul. If anyone wants to help me I would really apreciate xml files translated into your language. They will be included in the next release and credited!
  20. Also, is there any errors in the windows event log? Services that fail to start usually leave some marks in the system log.
  21. Hello, Thank you for your feedback. You are correct, this is a mistake that will be fixed in the upcoming version. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to add or any other bugs you will find. I estimate that 1.1 will be released by the end of the following week, so if you have any ideas they are welcomed . Paul.
  22. Hello PC Monitor Users, I would like to present my first plugin for the community. It's main purpose is to allow IT Administrators to deploy a User Support client on their computer in order to receive notifications when someone requires technical support. Main features are: Send notifications to all devices connected to the PC Monitor account with a text long as 4000 characters. Organise support requests by departments and priority all dinamically loaded from a xml file. Easy to deploy in Active Directory using Group Policy Objects. Easy to configure through registry to support multiple connections on the same PC Monitor service. Uses modern and secure tehnologies for communication (WCF). Easy to customize all strings using xml files. I also attached an example version to show everyone how you can create your own plugins for this great app. Please take your time and read the 'readme.txt' file as it explains everything you need to know about installing, using and customizing the application. My release is open-source bound by no license. That being said you can freely modify, distribute, claim as your work, sell and / or include in your copyrighted material as long as it doesn't breach PC Monitor's license or terms and conditions. Download Link: Click (Version 1.3) Changes since 1.2: Changed registry reading and writing with api calls for plugin and removed registry writes for application with hardcoded defaults. Any feedback and plugin ideas will be appreciated. Edit: New version is scheduled at 05/03/2012. Screenshots:
  23. Paul

    Windows Updates ?

    Hello, PC Monitors performs a silent install for updates. This way all the user imputs are eliminated and defaults will be taken.
  24. Paul

    Windows Updates ?

    Hello, All Windows Update actions are running in background. This means that no user interaction will be required. You can check for updates / install updates / restart the computer without any user being logged into the computer. Paul
  25. Hello, Can you please try to reproduce this on a completely different machine (not a VM on the same computer). I am curious if it's isolated on only one machine. I've had this problem once too but it got fixed after an OS reinstall.
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