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  1. great:) thanks Guys. Don't worry Johnni, Paul only beat you by a minute;)
  2. Quick question is it possible to trigger an alert if a user installs a piece of software? Thanks in advance, Simon
  3. I have finally acquired a big tv to go on the wall of the office Its now happily running the Dashboard. Would it be possible to make the dashboard split screen? I.e Current setup on the left of the screen and on the right some sort of rss style ticker that cycles through the event notifications?I know this does it at them bottom, but I am currently monitoring about 120 systems so I would like a 'cleaner' alternative.
  4. thanks for the responses:) Look forward to the future updates.
  5. I have set up PCMonitor on 120 pcs, I used my IPAD as the the allowable device. I have need however to authorise another 2 ipads. Is there a quick way of doing of this? I have tried going to registered computers change settings, but cannot see it there? Any help greatly appreciated.
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