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  1. Yes, what exactly do you need from the pc monitor configuration? Youre talking about all of the settings except for my username and password?
  2. Doesn't look like it. thanks for checking into it. Let me know if theres anything else you might need.
  3. Every so often the monitoring service stops and i have to manually restart it. Heres the trace log: trace log.txt
  4. Every so often the service on my windows 7 PC stops and i have to restart it Any way to fix this?
  5. I checked the device policy and it was set at full acess. I also deleted and reinstalled the device.
  6. I recently bought the Samsung galaxy note and installed pc monitor on it. For some reason over wifi and cell network I can't control my pc. It was working on my old phone just a few days ago. It works fine over wifi on mt iPad. The ports are forwarded and I've validated and restarted the monitored pc but no luck. Any ideas?
  7. Last night i setup my pc and my pc monitor android app to work over the internet and 3g. Last nite it worked flawlessly but this morning it would not wake up my home pc. I kept getting network offline error. I came home from work, booted up my pc and boom! it worked. Why is it inconsistent? I have port 9 udp forwared an im running windowd 7 ultimate with a netopia 3347-02 router/modem with att dsl. I am also using a dyndns static ip updater as well. Thanks for any help
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