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  1. Thank you Paul, that's worked!
  2. I think one of our administrators has deleted the Pulseway service...... I have removed the reg keys, uninstalled and re-installed Pulseway but it's not installing the service. Any ideas please?! Thanks
  3. Thanks Paul. Yes I am aware of the policy settings, but as above, not all servers are rebooted in the same maintenance window. Would we need to log into each server and manually change each window for each server or can we script it?
  4. Hi there, We've recently set up Policies to use on all of our servers. We have nightly/weekly reboots on some of the servers within each group. We would like to know if there's a way to have Maintenance windows on a server level basis? Not all servers in a group are rebooted at the same time each week so we wouldn't want to miss any notifications. Thanks in advance
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