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  1. The 'Server thing', is for a Windows File Server (Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 and Windows SBS 2003, 2007 + 2011). Mainly for an office environment
  2. ps Some routers / firewalls you have to both allow the Port and also separately forwad the port
  3. When you say UDP 9 is allowed on router, are you also Port Forwarding UPD 9 to the NIC of the computer you want to wake?
  4. Yes, all disk drives would be nice. But for the time being, you can tap on each computer and then Disk Drives to see. A lot quicker than a log in to each server.
  5. For me, I can confirm running in Windows SBS 2011 + Windows 8 Std. Not got a R2 version to test on right now
  6. Nice plugin Paul Here is a link related to Dell OpenManage. not an API unfortunately, but a lot of useful information about. http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/1757.dell-openmanage-systems-management-tools.aspx
  7. digbyp


    From what i remember, the first three computers (not Server) are FREE. If you have only 1 computer, why are you trying to upgrade to more than 1 computer?
  8. I have been using scheduled tasks for a long while now with PCM and not noticed it not to work. If you are sure it does not work, perhaps turning on the diagnostic logs and testing and then sending results to PCM support to look into.
  9. No it can't. But you have answered your own question in your last sentence. This is how I do it.
  10. PC Monitor Users, Herewith my PC Monitor Config Plugin for Windows computers only! You know how you can go into PCM Client and check/tick boxes etc. Well, now you can do it from your Device. Not everything is covered, but a lot is. The code behind the plugin, is simply changing registry values within the PC Monitor section in the registry. Update Have attached v1.1 with a few modifications MobilePCMonitorConfigurator v1_1.zip
  11. I agree - I have only seen it happen after Windows updates, but not on every server. Also, typically I have only noticed it on servers. I have yet to update this month yet.
  12. May or may not help, but I have seen this typically after a Windows update and re-start! Given that tomorrow (as well as Apple Dev announcements etc), is Microsoft Tuesday, I shall observe tomorrow and check event log and PC Monitor log and let you know
  13. Also check Event Security Log to see if there are attempts from outside the network trying to login. I see this all too often
  14. With the help of Paul Csiki (another forum member), I did write a plugin that currently allows you to change the settings below. Of course these can be done via Dassboard and PC Monitor Manager Computer Name Group Name Enable/Disable Debig Log Disable Auto Update Enable/Disable File Delete Enable/Disable Hardware List Enable/Disable Perf Counter History Enable/Disable File Browsing Enable/Disable User Support Enable/Disable WOL Over Internet WOL Port Low Memory Percentage Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode Unit of Measure Server Address Events Per Page
  15. For example, which Agent Settings are you looking to configure?
  16. digbyp

    Exchange 2013

    Were you looking for an automated system? There are two choices I can think of a) Using Power of the Shell plugin which would allow a manual check Writing your own plugin that would auto check Paul
  17. You place config.xml in the same directory where you placed poweroftheshell.dll
  18. Hi chaps, If there is a working version of this, i would love to give it a try thanks Paul (digbyp)
  19. In answer to the first question, the original plugin was for a different version and plugin was updated by Paul Csiki. Please download again. Alternatively, you could download my version (digbyp). We have also discovered (and have the fix already) whereby if one of the fields is 'blank' the plugin will not show to use. I only discovered this when i was adding more to my verson and Paul Csiki provided the resolution regards Paul Digby
  20. Thanks for for the changes that you made for me - much more friendly now! I myself, have now expanded upon your original, by expanding some sections and added a new video card section. Have attached the plugin PaulCsiki.SystemInfoPluginCS.zip
  21. Not necessarily a system - but how about an SNMP module?
  22. Alternatively, you could make use of a plugin named Power of the Shell http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/274-poweroftheshell-plugin-14/ I have copied below a script that will display the Make, Model, Serial, Chasis Type, Computer Name, Owner and Domain. Follow the instructions in the link provided. If stuck, Johnni or I can assist further. # Start of Script $info = get-wmiobject -query "Select * from win32_computersystem" $info2 = get-wmiobject -query "Select * from win32_bios" $z = $info2.SerialNumber $system = Get-WMIObject -class Win32_systemenclosure $type = $system.chassistypes $a = Switch ($Type) { "1" {"Chassis : $Type - Other"} "2" {"Chassis : $type - Virtual Machine"} "3" {"Chassis : $type - Desktop"} "4" {"Chassis : $type - Low Profile Desktop"} "5" {"Chassis : $type - Pizza Box"} "6" {"Chassis : $type - Mini Tower"} "7" {"Chassis : $type - Tower"} "8" {"Chassis : $type - Portable"} "9" {"Chassis : $type - Laptop"} "10" {"Chassis : $type - Notebook"} "11" {"Chassis : $type - Handheld"} "12" {"Chassis : $type - Docking Station"} "13" {"Chassis : $type - All-in-One"} "14" {"Chassis : $type - Sub-Notebook"} "15" {"Chassis : $type - Space Saving"} "16" {"Chassis : $type - Lunch Box"} "17" {"Chassis : $type - Main System Chassis"} "18" {"Chassis : $type - Expansion Chassis"} "19" {"Chassis : $type - Sub-Chassis"} "20" {"Chassis : $type - Bus Expansion Chassis"} "21" {"Chassis : $type - Peripheral Chassis"} "22" {"Chassis : $type - Storage Chassis"} "23" {"Chassis : $type - Rack Mount Chassis"} "24" {"Chassis : $type - Sealed-Case PC"} Default {"Chassis : $type - Unknown"} } "Make : " + $info.Manufacturer "Model : " + $info.Model "Serial : " + $z "" + $a "Name : " + $info.Name "Owner : " + $info.PrimaryOwnerName "Domain : " + $info.Domain # End of script
  23. In addition - success or failure indicator of last time run
  24. This looks interesting and here is a link to the api perhaps. Without access to their api, a plugin could not be created. http://allmyapps.com/apps/crunchbase-api
  25. Indeed!!! http://blogs.msdn.com/b/aaronsaikovski/archive/2011/04/21/setting-your-machine-power-plan-via-powershell.aspx http://blog.idera.com/sql-server/performance-and-monitoring/enablinghighperformancepowerplanviacommandline/
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