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  1. hey Paul ... thnks for the reply ... it really helped me a lot to open rdp via dashboard ... kind regards kurt
  2. Hi Paul, Me again ... Yeah I know ... We already tried it ... But the first initial warning (that service is down) stays and don't leave, even when the service is starten again after 1 or 2 minutes ... If the service is up again after a while, we don't want the first notification (of service down) visible anymore and deleted ... otherwise, when we come back the next morning, there could be 20 notifications that a service is down, but really already back running ... hm...
  3. Ok ... I've found it: you have to create a rule for al your services ... Shame when you already selected the services you want to monitor, but no notification is send ... Ok Next question: I've created a RULE that sends a notification if (for example) PrintSpooler service is down I've created a BATCH to start the PrintSpooler service if down How do I delete that specific notification (that PrintSpooler is down) if the PrintSpooler is back running normally In my case: I get the notification that this service is down, but when a start it, the notification stays.
  4. Hello, Still testing this great app, but I have a question: I can select te services I want to monitor, but how do I get a warning/notification when a service is down? When I do a test on (for example) DHCP service, I can start and stop is via webUI and iPhone, but when it is not running (as a test) we don't get a warning of notification. Is this possible to configure? Many thanks Kurt
  5. Hey paul ... thnks for this little info ... RDP via Dashboard ... yeah ok, its a workaround ... That works I hope they will support this feature verry soon... Any idea when a new release will be published?
  6. Hello ... As I was working on a plugin to have an button that opens locally mstsc.exe with the external ip address of the server, it would be a great feature to simple open een RDP connection to the server. Now you can see the external ipadress and it opens maps.google.be instead ... Meanly all the credit goes to Paul, who helped me all the way in trying to create this plugin... The reason for this creation, is that we are considering buying a subscription of your product, but remote control ... A simple RDP would help us a lot. So really: could you implement this is the next release ???
  7. Crap ... It doenst work ... At all ... I've tested it till yesterday on a local system, and mstsc + ipadress opens just fine ... But - the mean goal - was to open locally on my laptop, an RDP connection to a remote server via the external ip adress (already shown in webUI) When I try it on another server, it doenst work at all .... Doesn't even opens mstsc ... Crap Crap Crap ... It would have been soooooooo nice if this could work... It must work somehow: how the hell do they open IE with maps.google.be when you click the external ip adres in the webUI ???? Greetings Kurt
  8. Goodmorning paul, Ok got the message, but the mstsc.exe opens on my laptop, so thats already good. And i've hooped that the plugin is executed on the host side, so wouldn't it be easier to get the correct external ip? Because I've got some working script to get external ip, but ofcourse: it is that of my laptop and not the server I want to make an RDP connection to. So the problem is to run execute (on my laptop) the mstsc.exe command ... That already works, but with the external ip address of the server ... As the argument of mstsc.exe. So briefly: Now "mstsc.exe" opens on my lapt
  9. I've found some scripts that gets the external ip address, but which one will it be? My own from my laptop location, or the one from the test server? So, my first code was alright :-) ... Yeah long live microsoft ... It makes no sence sometimes ... Like pressing START to SHUTDOWN hé ... Ok I'll wait a till tomorrow ... I will try also to get the script working with my small knowledge ... Many thanks in advance Kind Regards Kurt
  10. Wauw ... first impression ... wauw ... Is this the whole code to just run mstsc.exe on my laptop ... hehe Many many many thanks. It opens mstsc !!!! .... OMG ... it seems rocketsience to write a code to open mstsc ... omg ... But it works ... Now I can go further getting the external ip addres of the viewing server. Unless there is an string I can read directly from the client software? Kind regards Kurt
  11. Hey Paul ... that would be great ... ok I admit, i'm not an program writer ... So sorry for the disturbing. I did some simple vb.net VB scripting and written small apps ... But not in C#. And the syntax of this mobilepcmonitoring is specific. I guess ... I really want to buy a subscription and to access a server (installed client) via the external ip address, would be very helpfull for me. Ok I can see the external ip adress, but when i click it (in the wbeUI) it opens maps.google.com ... Just want a simple button to open mstsc.exe on the external ip address. My 3 test servers are behin
  12. Modified to use ShellExecute, but still nothing happends ... Still got the message that plugincommand is send, but nothing ... damn How hard can it be to open mstsc.exe local on my laptop from which i'm working on ... using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Diagnostics; using MM.Monitor.Client; namespace RemoteSupport { public class Plugin : ClientPlugin { private const int COMMAND_REMOTE_SUPPORT = 1; public override string GetPluginName() { return "Remote Suppor
  13. Hey Paul, The whole meaning of this is to, open locally an mstsc.exe to the external ip address I have some test servers, and I just want to click an extra plugin button to open "mstsc -external ip adress" of that server. All the servers are logged on (as admin) or logged out. But I don't think this is an issue, because the mstsc.exe is opened from my laptop ... From which I want to remote access it. So basically I'm logged to my laptop now and via webUI looking at my servers. If this is possible then I will try it with shell execute... Many thanks Till soon :-) Kind regar
  14. Hey Paul ... This is my code, but it doesn't do anything. I get it to load and I can see it in the website (MyComputers https://my.pulseway.com/) And when I click it, it says "RemoteControl plugin was send", but nothing happends ... It doens't open IE as a test. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Diagnostics; using MM.Monitor.Client; namespace RemoteSupport { public class Plugin : ClientPlugin { private const int COMMAND_REMOTE_SUPPORT = 1; public override string GetPluginName()
  15. hehe ... I'm not a master at writing scripts, but I really don't know what's all about... I've looked at the API documentation, and I've found the void "PageCommandReceived()" item, but don't know how to start. I'll will take a look at your plugins and hope to found an answer for my simple question... Kind Regards Kurt
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