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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is possible (if not, maybe for a future release?) - Is there a way to get a notification when an account becomes locked in Active Directory? I can view all locked accounts through the Active Directory menu, but hoped there was a way to get an alert. Thanks
  2. Sorry for late reply! The software is up to date and servers DON'T show as offline, they simply send an extra message while they still show as online. It may well be network problems, so I'll look into that. Thanks
  3. Hi, that hasn't worked - we keep getting notifications saying "the computer is up and running" although it has not gone offline at all.
  4. Hi, I have a small bug that is getting annoying: When all servers are showing offline, I get random messages telling me that the servers are "up and running" - which is great, except all 23 servers tell me this a minute after each other at 3am Is there a way to turn off the alert that simply says "[server] is up and running"? I still want to receive messages that tell me the server is shutting down or starting up. Thanks, Vince
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