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  1. Pulseway Dashboard (Currently 6.3) Data - All Notifications. Currently we can not: Ctrl + Select, Shift + Select All, Ctrl + A, Sort by columns. This is a daily task for me and so it would be fantastic to be able to use these simple functions.
  2. I emailed PC Monitor support today as requested and received a quick reply with troubleshooting/information collecting steps but the problems seems to be resolved now. As there was no maintenance done overnight by PC Monitor it's possible that there was a routing issue somewhere.
  3. "https://ws3.pulseway.com/Server.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details." We have about 35 servers in out PC Monitor account. As of this morning PC Monitor reports one of our Terminal Servers to be offline. The server is a 2012 Windows Terminal Server on a 5.5 esxi box with a few other VMs. I've rebooted, added an exception for the program in the Windows Firewall, re-installed PC Monitor and tried to telnet to the ws3.pulseway.com server. I can not telnet to it however I can telnet to ws15.pulseway.com from this affected server. Server time is correct.
  4. I just ran a report for disk space and found that only the OS partition space is provided. A report on all local dives would be fabulous! I thought I wouldn't have to log into all our servers to find this information, sadly mistaken :-(
  5. Any plans on adding the option to manage at least two different account using the mobile app (account switching)? I have the same feature request as the original poster.
  6. Sorry if I wasn't clear. The agents wouldn't update manually either, even after trying a few times throughout the day. However, most seem to have updated by this morning. Thanks again.
  7. Marius, the agents have not updated on any of my servers. They all say that there is an update available. I click to install then check later and they are still reporting that there is an updated version available. The issue with the heat warnings is still present.
  8. Wow, you sir are awesome. Less than two hours later the problem has been identified and a patch/update released. Amazing. Thank you again. This is what customer service is all about.
  9. PC version 3.6 My.pulseway.com reports the correct temperature but we're still getting reoccurring warnings when they are cleared. To be clear, the temp was never that high, not even close. The other servers and the room environmental control would have alerted me as well.
  10. Anyone else having this issue? I have 3 out of 29 servers reporting temperatures of over 190f which is totally incorrect. Any suggestion?
  11. I hope you are right. Just now I had 8 servers appear as offline. I'm going to install the beta software on a few servers and then monitor the situation. Do you have any idea when the new version of PC Monitor will be released?
  12. FYI - I did not feel that the suggested troubleshooting i.e., installing a Beta version of PC monitor onto a server would have helped with my very isolated Dashboard issue. I again uninstalled the Dashboard, restarted, installed and again restarted and have not been having the same issue with servers showing up as offline when they are not. I do want to add that I decided I had to do this because three days ago when I would click onto a server to adjust it's setting from the dashboard I got an error message saying that the software was not up to day when in fact it was version 2.6. Either way I hope the same problem does not resurface but I can say for now that it seems to be resolved. Thanks
  13. It is not any specific monitored server. Any of the 26 I have monitored. It seems to be worse today than usual. How do I enable debug logging?
  14. This is happening all day long. Not once a day. Hitting F5 is not an acceptable solution as it only sometimes works. Then I have to pull up a command prompt to ping the "offline" server. It's never offline. However, I understand what you are explaining about the refresh intervals. What do you mean, "we may deploy a new version of the server as well"?
  15. The issue is still occurring for me after I re-installed the software. Sometimes It's one server sometimes it's more. It happens everyday but I can't say that it is at a specific interval. If need be I will record the times. As I was typing this two servers went offline in a site with 9 monitored and also one other server at a different site. I wrote down the time in case it's helpful. I'll continue to do so. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to assist in troubleshooting. Thanks
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