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    Kenny Carlsson got a reaction from StevenB in Windows Updates Legacy Report - Scope & Scheduled OR Extend the OS Patch Report   
    +1 on both alternatives. 
    @StevenB  I found that Pulseway have added a new place to add feature requests. When logged in to Pulseway website, go to What's new. There is a green button called "Request Feature".
    I took the liberty to add this feature requst. I hope you don't mind.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to StevenB in Windows Updates Legacy Report - Scope & Scheduled OR Extend the OS Patch Report   
    Hi All
    We have a client who we need to report pending Windows updates to prior to updating as they want to confirm if there are any that they need to test prior to production rollout.
    Windows Updates Legacy Report - The Windows Updates legacy report provides the information needed and we'd like to be able to schedule it and apply a Scope so that the report only returns the servers they'd be interested in.
    OS Patch for All Systems Report - Extend this report to also have a tick box to include pending OS patches (as reported within the Windows Update report).
    This inclusion would be a big help.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to MaxITGarrett in Record Remote Control Sessions   
    We currently use TeamViewer as our remote support software and like to have Pulseway as a backup to that, but one thing that we like to do is record our sessions for both accountability and to have the ability to reference something we have done in the past to resolve an issue or to double check one's work.
    If Pulseway is to compete with this, I would like to see the ability to record these sessions.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in Individual reports for each organization   
    It would be amazing if all reports had a "Generate individual reports for each organization" option.
    Then we could just schedule a single report for "all systems" and get individual reports for each customer.
    The alternative is to set up individual reports scoped for each customer. And as a bonus remember to set up new reports every time a new customer is onboarded. :-)
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Wisecompany in Policy Configuration Improvements   
    After playing around in my trial account for a bit, I have a few suggestions regarding policy configuration.
    Allow the creation of policies that inherit settings from other policies and track which settings were overridden. This would allow MSPs to create one or two "Global" policies (Servers/Workstations) as a base, and then create individual policies (for each client) that inherit settings from those global policies.  Allow overrides to policy settings on specific systems, track which systems have policy overrides in place, and allow reverting the overrides to the policy defaults. Allow attaching scripts/tasks to policies to run during on-boarding (as in, when the Pulseway agent is initially installed). Instead of having separate Patch Management policies, group those settings with the System policies so they can be applied all at once. Alternatively, allow attaching Patch Management policies to System policies.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to marinhd in Pushing or copying applications and files to client machines   
    I currently use Connectwise Control for remote and to push applications to client machines.  Connectwise Control allows me to have a toolbox in which I can choose from programs which are downloaded to my Pulseway Server and push them to the client computer.  This is very helpful for downloading apps to the machine rather than having to manually download each app by going to each website.
    This is great for programs like:
    Adobe Reader
    Malware Tools if the machine is unable to browse the web
    Additional tools I use for diagnostics and password recover like Nirsoft.
    I select the tool and then it automatically downloads it and runs it.  I can also push without being remotely connected and if the end user has admin rights they can install.
    It can also store all the files so I can run them at a later date. I then run a bat file that deletes any files downloaded to the storage folder in case I want to remove the applications at the end.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in BitLocker Recovery Password   
    Hi Paul,
    Internally we have 70-100 workstations that has bitlocker enabled. Plus that an increasing number of our customer are using bitlocker.
    Several times every month end users are reporting that they are prompted for bitlocker recovery password at boot.
    When we are at the office is it simple for us to log on to the domain controller at find the password. But if the request comes when we are offsite or outside business hours, it would be very helpful to look up the password in Pulseway on the domain controllers AD server module, and sendt it by email or text message.
    Of course we can make a script, but it would be more convenient if the password could be looked up and sendt from Pulseway.
    We could also solve it by writing our own plugin. But here we are missing the option of sending a text as mail/sms/share from the Pulseway app.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in BitLocker Recovery Password   

    It could be really useful if we could look up BitLocker Recovery Passwords in the Active Directory module by browsing computers.
    And when we have found the password it with the mobile app, "send by email" and "send by text message" buttons would make it easy to send the password to the user.

    Best Regards,
    Martin Stevnhoved
    Abakion A/S
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to JCrawford-BT in Asset info visible for offline systems   
    Instead of performing necromancy on this older thread, I will raise this question again. Why can we not see asset info for offline systems? 
    I know this is available through reports, but that's a ton of steps to go through when it's already readily available offline (since the Reports can search it) and it should just be visible. This has been a big gotcha (along with not seeing internal IPs without running a report or being able to copy/paste in remote sessions) as we moved from another tool to Pulseway. I've seen more than one thread about this, and each time the response is 'run a report'. Please stop brushing it off as 'RTFM' and provide the functionality we're asking for. Thank you.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in Manage Tags from Pulseway Manager   
    I really need someway to automate the tagging of devices.
    We need reports to be scoped only for devices with a specific software installed.
    We can scope the reports by tags, but we have no way automate the tagging.
    Any ideas, that does not involve manually tagging?
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in Manage Tags from Pulseway Manager   
    Hi Pulseway.
    It would be very nice to be able to manage Tags from the client.
    It could be in the Pulseway Manager, in the registry settings, or via commandline.
    Could that be possible?
    Br, Martin.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in Tags by rules / dynamic tags   
    It would be nice if we could set up dynamic tags.
    Devices could have tags added/removed based by rules, like:
    does one or more files (from a list) exist on the device does one or more registy entries (from a list) exist on the device does one or more applications (from a list) exist as installed applications on the device. Of course it should be possible to use wildcards :-)
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Paul in Tags by rules / dynamic tags   
    This is on our todo list for the automation module 2.0 when we'll be adding event based triggers. It also comes with a tag editor to make it simpler to edit tags on machines.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Martin Stevnhoved in Tags by rules / dynamic tags   
    Hi @Paul. What is the status?
    I really need to assign tags in automation scripts.
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    Kenny Carlsson reacted to Paul in After renaming the Org and Agent Group, new installations are not visible   
    No worries Kenny, I'll reach out to them to get it fast-tracked.
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