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Windows Updates Legacy Report - Scope & Scheduled OR Extend the OS Patch Report


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Hi All

We have a client who we need to report pending Windows updates to prior to updating as they want to confirm if there are any that they need to test prior to production rollout.

Windows Updates Legacy Report - The Windows Updates legacy report provides the information needed and we'd like to be able to schedule it and apply a Scope so that the report only returns the servers they'd be interested in.


OS Patch for All Systems Report - Extend this report to also have a tick box to include pending OS patches (as reported within the Windows Update report).

This inclusion would be a big help.



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+1 on both alternatives. 

@StevenB  I found that Pulseway have added a new place to add feature requests. When logged in to Pulseway website, go to What's new. There is a green button called "Request Feature".

I took the liberty to add this feature requst. I hope you don't mind.




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