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  1. Hi Guys, Any movement on an RRAS module? Nick
  2. Would the missing windows updates reporting show driver and optional updates? Then at least Pulseway will be warning you of any Microsoft distributed driver updates. I use Microsoft updates to keep some Intel and other motherboard and network drivers up-to-date. Nick.
  3. This would be a massive step forwards in centralising this into a server style product. Keep us posted. Not being able to even set offline PC's into maintenance mode is quite annoying. Also if you could collect daily temperature roundups like the other server based stats that would be good for checking why an offline system went down. Nick
  4. We have some odd little quirks that are now showing due to the original admin account owner having left the company. The account cannot be renamed and we cannot seem to move system from one account to another, also all new systems start associated to the first admin and need editing to display.
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