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  1. Did you get this resolved @Mark G38? Still showing a deny symbol for us too.
  2. Hi Paul / Pulseway Team. Still blanked out for us, but i believe this is because we haven't signed up for the "Bitdefender Trial" - we've been paying for BitDefender / Gravity Zone through pulseway for over a year now, and it doesn't show on the dashboard. Can this be implemented?
  3. So, how does this work? We've been waiting for this for well over a year now. I just found out where it is, went to go and deploy to a test system, and find that "install" is greyed out and unclickable, no matter what I do? Am I missing something here?
  4. Same! We have no idea how long some of these PC's have been offline for and technically, this means it could be bugged/uninstalled/no longer working etc. Need to be able to see this.
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