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  1. Thanks a lot it is working now. I see the vm's last question, can i turn the off over the app or reboot? when i click a virtual machine on azure, i see loading details, but after that, no data available. Do i have to adjust something in azure?
  2. Hi 1 subscr is working, i see a virtual machine but can i do also something with it (reboot eg) when i tap the virtual machine i see data not available! 2e subcr is giving error , (found the subscr in pulseway app but gives an error occured azure rejected the connection details when i test in on the server with the test connection button the connection test was succesfull. Any other tips or ideas?
  3. Thank you for your response!
  4. Hi all im having 2 azure subscription. I have added both in the pulseway software. 1 of the account goes ok, and i can see the running virtual machines. the other account gives an error by adding the subscr. and when i presh the test button im getting an error: see attached images, could you please help/advice? regards
  5. Hi,is was wondering if you have had time for this
  6. soetie


    Hi All, is it possible to have some more information in the dashboard. I see a few servers with names and green round next to it. But i want to see some more information one the standard dashboard. Is that possible (disk status temperature etc) regards
  7. Is there anythin come out yet. Im also interested in this feature!
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