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  1. Thanks Paul, this helped me a lot!
  2. Is your computer connected to your router using WiFi or via Ethernet cable? My computer is connected to router using WiFi Did you create a port forward rule for your WOL port in your router? I don't know how to do this. Did you enable WOL (Wake On Lan) in your BIOS? I can't acces my BIOS
  3. Hello, My phone shows me "Wake up command sent" but my pc is still offline. I'm using a WiFi connection!
  4. Thanks, this helped me a lot. By the way, it would be awesome if you will enable Best answer system on this forum.
  5. Hello, I'm not able to uninstall Pulseway(i can't see it listened) and also i can't install it, i receive a 1001 error. Thanks in advance.
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