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  1. Hello! I'd like to install and evaluate enterprise version of pulseway, but am unable to do so, due to certificate error. I installed our test root CA to "Trusted root certificate authority" and ssl cert to user personal certificate store, but I am still getting "Certificate is not trusted by local machine error" as you can see from provided screenshot. Am I missing some additional step required or why am I getting this error?
  2. Hello! I started testing PCMonitor a week ago and I am very pleased with what it's offering except one thing ... I'm really missing an insight of monitored system history (uptime, cpu/memory usage etc.). It would be really cool if there were some graphs so that you could see how did the server behave through time. You do show a graph of cpu/memory usage, but that is like 30 sec or so which doesn't tell you much in my opinion. Can we, if we buy enterprise version of PCMonitor, configure it to retain information we are interested in in database and build a custom application upon it? Regards, Davorin
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