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  1. We do not have an ETA just yet. Marius
  2. We're investigating this, could you please report the crash next time you get the force close? Update: We have fixed this issue, it was caused by a very old agent being installed on one of the computers. Can you please test again and let us know if you still have the issue?
  3. Hi Doug, We will be in contact with you regarding the web app configuration and help you solve the problem. Marius
  4. Marius


    Due to a change in Android OS that feature required a new permission to work. We removed the option until we find an alternative that won't require the extra permission.
  5. Yes, we'll look into this too, great suggestion. Thanks.
  6. that's a good point - we will build a notification for this. Thank you.
  7. You have the push notifications disabled for your account - check the PC Monitor Manager Account settings in order to enable them or go to the Settings - > Account details on your iOS PC Monitor app. After you have enabled them, make sure your account is not over quota.
  8. we're looking at this now. meanwhile please run PCMonitor_x64.msi /qb from the command prompt (as administrator) - it will install the agent without starting the Manager app.
  9. Check this: http://pulseway.com/support/getsubscription
  10. Please try now - it should work.
  11. Hello, This is indeed a bug and it will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for reporting it. Regards, Marius
  12. Hi Pete, It could be because our application pre-requisite is .Net Framework 4.0 and It could be possible that It's not installed? Also, please make sure you run the installer as an administrator.
  13. Thank you, we were aware of that label in Task Manager, I thought that you have experienced slow start times on your Windows 8... The User Agent app uses 300 ms CPU and 11.5 MB Disk I/O on startup. After commenting all the code in the app start call the app it is still using 200 ms CPU and 7.8 MB Disk I/O and it's still being reported as High usage. It's a .NET app, maybe that's the reason. Looks like there's no way to reduce this further but you can use the PC Monitor Manager settings to disable it if you wish.
  14. How do you know that the user agent has a high startup time? On start the user agent subscribes to some notifications and does not perform any other operations - there's nothing we need to resolve here.
  15. You can continue to use it for free for non-commercial use and monitor up to 5 computers. The email you received was referring to the server modules evaluation only, if you do not need the extra features you do not have to get a subscription.
  16. You can set up a group policy and enable Support Requests by default.
  17. Excluding keywords it's a good idea, it will be added in the next release.
  18. before trying to install it again, open a command prompt (run as administrator) and type: sc delete "PC Monitor"
  19. We have no immediate plans to implement this, maybe you can create a plugin instead using our API? http://pulseway.com/api
  20. Hi Malachi, Please use the PC Monitor Manager app installed on your computer and press the "Manage Computers" button to see all the registered computers. The mobile app will not list more computers than the current limit of 5, that's why you don't see the extra one. Hope this helps. Marius
  21. For some strange reason the ComputerIdentifier value in the registry is not being kept and it's deleted on deployment. That means the server will see each computer as a new computer. You need to delete just the ComputerName value in the registry and leave the ComputerIdentifier there.
  22. Hi Robbin, Thanks for this - we will add support in a future release. Marius
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