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PC Monitor Config Plugin v1.1


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PC Monitor Users,


Herewith my PC Monitor Config Plugin for Windows computers only!


You know how you can go into PCM Client and check/tick boxes etc. Well, now you can do it from your Device. Not everything is covered, but a lot is. The code behind the plugin, is simply changing registry values within the PC Monitor section in the registry.

Have attached v1.1 with a few modifications

MobilePCMonitorConfigurator v1_1.zip

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Hi Digby,


The plugin looks cool and i'm eager to try it on for myself. But unfortunately I am not having much success with it.


I have latest version of PC Monitor agent 4.1.2 running on my Windows 8.1 machine. I currently only have your plugin loaded to make sure nothing else is causing an issue but I get this error in the trace log, do you have an idea of what it could be ? 

08-01-2014, 21:01:27.572: [Service] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at PaulDigby.MobilePCMonitorConfigurator.MobilePCMonitorConfiguratorPlugin.GetPluginData(Boolean paged)
   at PaulDigby.MobilePCMonitorConfigurator.MobilePCMonitorConfiguratorPlugin.GetPageDetails(Int32 pageId)
   at .(Object )

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Hey Johni - good to see you back. How's your POTS plugin update coming along?


I have no idea about the issue! I have just tested on my Windows 8 PC and works just fine. I adapted plugin from code that Paul Csiki provided and with his help (a lot), put the plugin together. Maybe specific to Windows v8.1.


I shall ask Paul for his interpretation

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  • Administrators

You install it using the Pulseway Manager in the Plugins tab then you can change some Pulseway settings from the mobile app (or from the webapp). It's really cool if change the agent configuration a lot as it saves you from running powershell queries.


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