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Wake up command not working


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Ive been using PC monitor on android for a while now but have recently got a Microsoft Surface, running Windows RT and have downloaded the app on that.  However, im finding that when the target PC is sleeping/hibernating, that the wake up command doesn't work from with windows RT app. I keep getting a message saying "Wake up command failed"


This is still working fine on my android app though.  I haven't changed any settings, as I simply connect with my account username/password.


Any ideas why this might be happening?





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wow, just tested it in the latest version and it works fine now! Thanks for fixing :)


Im going to allow myself to believe it was fixed off the back of this thread :D


Anyway. brilliant app...keep up the good work!

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Hi, my wake up command stopped working about 10 minutes after i configured it, now i can only do it over my LAN, it worked from my iphone, then randomly stopped, i am using a dynamic public ip and was wandering if the app would soon support ddns as a way round the dynamic ip issue. Any feedback would also be appreciated from anyone who can help me as I have checked everything and it is all configured properly but it just does not work from my iphone when waking up over the internet.

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