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Wake on LAN / Wake on WAN over Internet

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Pulseway supports Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN over Internet.

The mobile application will send a magic packet in LAN while on WiFi.
As well, our cloud servers will send the same magic packet to the public IP address on UDP 9 (you can change the port number and assign a different port number for each computer using the Pulseway app installed on your PC, go to System->Wake on WAN over Internet, default is 9).

Please make sure that the router forwards those packets in the LAN and that the PC supports Wake on LAN (check BIOS and network interface settings).

The only limitation at the moment using Wake on WAN over Internet occurs when our cloud servers have the last public IP used by your computer and your public IP changes. The magic packet will be sent to the last known public IP and will fail to wake the computer. We are planning to solve this problem in the future using a different method.

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hi, I downloaded your wonderful program and I immediately used the function wake on lan, it works perfectly, the problem is that during the day I find the pc turned on without having given it any consent, in different hours of the day the pc turns on alone. How do I solve the problem? I would like to turn it on only when I give it the command. Thanks a lot

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Hi @ansred,

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to support this option, because the WOL packets are sent based on the last known IP address for the system and it is not possible for us to know new IP address for the system until that system has been connected to Pulseway. However if there are more than one system in that network and at least one system is online, then WOL packet will be sent from another system into the same network, therefore your system should receive WOL command.


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