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Rules Fired by Event Log Notification


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I have setup an Event log Notification to alert me when a certain event occurs (which by the way works great). It would be nice to be able to tie a rule to that event notification. Example I have a notification that tells me when the exchange mail store dismount, I normall just do restart the information store service to remount.

I would like to setup a rule that says when the event fires that the store is dismounted, wait 15 min then fire the rule to do a restart on the information store service

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is this not in now??


but not checking event log, the monitor checks the service itself. 


so as soon as the service stops, the rule fires and starts a task, within that task can be a batch job that starts the service. i have tested this just now and works just fine, wouldnt have looked at this till i saw your post though so thanks!

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11 minutes ago, Jeremy Otten said:

I think this will also be possible with the automation module that comes out monday (Hope So)..

Not really. Automation triggers like schedule or event based rules will not make the 4.9 (tomorrow) release but they will come in the ones that follow it.


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