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  1. Disregard I think I found them. I was looking for a reason why we did not recieve a notification this morning and thought the update might have been the culprit.
  2. Noticed there was a new release but I do not see any release notes
  3. Most of my servers are headless and are accessed via RDP, i can only use screen view if someone is logged into the physical console. is there a way to wake up the console
  4. I have setup an Event log Notification to alert me when a certain event occurs (which by the way works great). It would be nice to be able to tie a rule to that event notification. Example I have a notification that tells me when the exchange mail store dismount, I normall just do restart the information store service to remount. I would like to setup a rule that says when the event fires that the store is dismounted, wait 15 min then fire the rule to do a restart on the information store service
  5. Is there a key for the graphs meaning what does the blue line mean vs the red line when viewing network usage ,etc
  6. Good enough thank you so much for responding so quickly as the product gets more popular don't lose this outstanding customer service
  7. I did not see it in the manual but I guess I could have missed it . I did find the question and answer in another forum question so I am not the only one that missed it ... Once I found it I could not figure out how to retract my question. I am very impressed by how quickly my two questions were answered... I am sure you have just picked up a new customer ...currently looking at a big screen to mount on my office wall so I can show system health via the dashboard lol
  8. I was about to install the PC Monitor app for andriod phones and noticed that one of the access requirements is to Discover known accounts - Allows applications to get the list of accounts known by this phone. Why would the app need to do this and what would be done with this information ?
  9. I am new but so far very excited about the product I have read the online documentation a couple of times but cannot figure out what maintenance mode or service is supposed to do.
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