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Please add remote access from a Chromebook Support

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I recently switched to using a Chromebook as my main device and was hoping to ditch TeamViewer as my main remote support app, but I have just realised that Pulseway does not have a remote support function for me to remote from my Chomebook onto any other devices, like TV does.

Would be great if you could add this ability please.

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I'm using the android app to remote control devices from a Chromebook, but it's far from ideal.. 
I've noticed that it bypasses the MFA-login for instance, and the actual remote session is a bit difficult to use (you have to use two fingers on the touchpad in order to control a remote cursor). 

These are issues I was looking forward to see resolved with a web based remote control solution, but that doesn't seem to be in development. At least not for the time being.


Here's a feature request I did about the web based solution: https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/suggestions/170678/web-based-remote-control

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